Election 2020: Southern Baptist Convention Working to Elect Democrats?

Can there be unity with voters who support sinful abortion promoting politicians? The Southern Baptist Convention promotes welcoming those ‘who don’t vote like us,’ and President J.D. Greear criticizes evangelicals for being a ‘Stooge’ of one political party (the Republican Party.) What does all of this mean? It looks like voter suppression at the least, and an attempt to have conservative Southern Baptists voting for a Democrat in 2020.

A theme emerged at this year’s Southern Baptist Convention. It is unity. We can be united around the Gospel, the elites say. What they really mean is that the SBC should ignore sinful and/or incorrect doctrine so that the denomination’s decline reverses, errr, I mean insert something more pious.

Well, how do we make disciples by ignoring so many fundamental issues? Politics and women preachers are the center of today’s Southern Baptist disagreements. However, the Southern Baptist leadership wants the SBC to look at politics as a non-critical issue.

“There are deep wounds in my community, and we are seeking together to shrink the divide. It requires that we engage people who don’t look like us, who don’t vote like us, who don’t think like us, but they love a Savior like us,” Ed Litton said at the SBC Pastor’s Conference 2019 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Can someone love the Savior and not follow his Word? The Bible condemns abortion. Yet, if someone votes for the Party of Infanticide (something condemned by Scripture and church history), are they following the Savior?

How do we love Jesus?

Keep his commandments: “If ye love me, keep my commandments.”[1]

What do the commentators say about this verse from John’s Gospel? One opines, “Although there are several variants in the Greek at this point, the impact of the verse really means that obedience is a test or indication of loving Jesus. A similar connection between loving God and keeping his commands is expounded in John’s first epistle (1 John 5:2–3).”[2]

Cyril of Alexandria explains, “Keeping the divine commandments is the best way to give living expression to our love toward God. It presents the picture of a life lived in all its fullness and truth. It is not a life sketched out in mere sounds that flow from the tongue. It gleams instead with the altogether radiant and brilliant colors that paint a portrait of good works.”[3]

Do you doubt that Jesus despises abortion?

Well, there are good reasons to believe He does since the church from the earliest times repudiated abortion.

The Didache, dating to the second century declares, “The second commandment of the Teaching:  2 ‘Do not murder; do not commit adultery’; do not corrupt boys; do not fornicate; ‘do not steal’; do not practice magic; do not go in for sorcery; do not murder a child by abortion or kill a new-born infant.”

The Democratic Party platform calls for more abortion. In states controlled by Democrats, Illinois and New York for example, have expanded abortion without limits.

Voters who support Democrats, support the expansion of murder.

In a democratic republic like the United States, sovereignty ultimately resides in the consent of the people. At the ballot box in elections and plebiscites, the people rule. One Southern Baptist leader, Dr. Tom Ascol calls Americans citizen-kings. Dr. Ascol points out that this responsibility must be exercised in view of God’s standard for rulers.

That is a critical point.

If a king is unjust, then he is worthy of rebuke.

Why would it not be the same for a citizen-king?

Any citizen-king voting for the murder of babies, or let me put it into the Woke term, oppressing the least of these, is wicked.

For clarity, Christians voting for a Democrat are wicked. Christians voting for a Democrat should repent. If they do not, they are typically worthy of church discipline. (Yes, I know there are exceptions like the governor of Louisiana, but that proves how rare a pro-life Democrat is. We know it is uncommon. You know it is uncommon. Everyone knows it is uncommon.)

Yet, the Southern Baptist leadership worries about the denomination’s appeal to those who vote for baby murder, err, I mean Democrats.

“In our political climate we know that if we’re known as the stooge for one party, we’ll lose all audience with the other,” said SBC president J.D. Greear. “When we tie our message too closely to a political platform, we put an unnecessary obstacle in the way of the Gospel for half of our mission field.”

Greear seeks a way to make most political disagreements into a secondary, tertiary or even an issue of Christian liberty. He wants to preach about the sanctity of life, but always tries to do so in a non-partisan way. Yet, this serves to equate the badness of the GOP with the absolute evil of the Democratic Party.

Also during his convention address, Greear said, “But we also have to realize conscientious Christians can disagree about the best applications of those things, and where Scripture does not draw a line between a virtue and a policy, neither should we. Every activity we engage in should be evaluated on whether or not it helps us in our proclamation of the Gospel.”

We owe it to the world to speak the truth. If that truth aligns with the Republican Party, then oh well. To pretend the Democratic Party isn’t the expression of the ideals of the Antichrist is a serious failure–and evidence of a defective worldview.

Using Shame, Race & More to manipulate Southern Baptists into voting for Democrats

Cross Politic offered an important and insightful critique of what is happening in the Southern Baptist Convention. Namely, there is an attempt to use shame to suppress Christian, conservative voters from doing the right thing at the ballot box.

Here is a quick transcript of the discussion from the show:

Chocolate Knox: “They’re the largest mainline conservative Protestant denomination that still stands for the most part…

TJ Sumpter: “So they’re a voting bloc.”

CK: “They’re a large voting bloc and probably the reason that Trump got elected. And if you look at it, I guess everybody would say, ‘Yeah, look white evangelicals. There you go.’….I didn’t see a whole lot of black people (at the SBC meeting in Birmingham).”

CK: “You’ve got this huge voting bloc that votes conservative and you can’t turn it. You can’t get your hands in there any kind of way but with guilt. Yeah, with guilt we might be able.”



Manipulation. That is what is happening here on the issues of racial reconciliation and a host of other issues.

Southern Baptists must be aware of what is happening and how they are being manipulated by Southern Baptist leaders in order to elect Democrats. Here’s more from Cross Politic:

TS: “It’s about guilt, and the point of the guilt is to get to manipulate you.”

CK: “That’s exactly what they’re trying to do guys. I’m telling you I heard soft throws. I heard on the racial panel, ‘Hey, how did it make you feel that your white brothers voted for Trump?’ Uh, how come JD Greear didn’t ask how do you feel that your black brothers and sisters are voting for people who want to kill black people? How come you didn’t ask that question? Your white brothers and sisters ain’t killing all you folk.”

TS: “Just to make it explicit, the subtle undercurrent that you’re pointing out is maybe you should think about voting for a Democrat.”

So much more excellent analysis on the Cross Politic broadcast. Check it out. Such a great resource to understand what is happening in the Southern Baptist Convention and how progressives are trying to suppress conservative, Christian voters from defending the unborn. Watch it. Get involved. Take Action.

via Capstone Report

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[2] Gerald L. Borchert, John 12–21, vol. 25B, The New American Commentary (Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers, 2002), 121.
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6 Comments to: Election 2020: Southern Baptist Convention Working to Elect Democrats?

  1. Avatar

    Mike Holloway

    July 6th, 2019

    I will never vote for the baby killing and homosexual promoting party called Democrat’s.

    • Avatar

      Mary Doan

      August 4th, 2019

      I will never vote again for ANY Democrat. for the very same reason. Pray that God may show these people HIS way of dealing with Democrats.

  2. Avatar


    August 2nd, 2019

    Agree with Mike…plain ,simple, & what’s RIGHT. IF Dems would stand for righteousness,I’d be voting for them but they are sludge… I voted for JC…Jimmy Carter & that was the LAST time I voted Dem! “Fool me once…”

  3. Avatar

    John Wilkinson

    August 3rd, 2019

    A couple of comments/observations:

    C.S. Lewis did not name his character in “Screwtape Letters” on a whim. Very pointed. Read the book.

    I majored in Political Science at a prominent Christian college back in what may now be considered the Dark Ages. I graduated in the early 1960s. Even then I was concerned about the direction that society and culture was beginning to go, and it appeared to me that it was dragging Christians with it. After graduation, I absented myself in many ways from the scene. Never completely gone, just never completely there. A few years ago, some life changes were used by God to pull (push, drag?) me back into active church participation and teaching. I have been appalled at the ignorance of so much of society and so much of the church. Many contributing factors, beyond the scope of this comment to this article, but to me the foundational factor is the lack of a deep belief in foundational doctrine. As it applies to our (believers) interaction with the voting question, as voting cycles came up, pressure was applied to avoid supporting any political party or candidate. I can agree with that, but I finally got a shirt with the message, “I majored in Political Science. To save time, let’s just assume I’m always right.” I wore it (especially to church and church activities) as a message, not that I’m always right, and God knows I am not, but to generate conversation and to allow me to give guidance as to how to determine how to vote.

    My guidance: Take party platforms and break them down. Evaluate each step with Scripture, opening the Bible to do it. Look at what is said and what is done. Evaluate those actions with Scriptural guidance. Make a PRAYERFUL, informed decision and vote accordingly.

  4. Avatar


    October 16th, 2019

    Use to be SBC now non denominational for these kind of political reasons. NO Christian should ever vote for the what I call the Demoncrats. Time for SBC leaders to be voted out. Not only are they baby killers and believe in all sorts of godless things. DEMONCRATS are satan’s imps they want 1 big controlling government and we know who takes that over the antichrist. VOTE your SBC leaders out. They are luke warm and we know what Jesus says about that something that has to do with spit.

    • Avatar


      July 23rd, 2020

      It is so depressing in this world right now. The democratic party just keeps moving farther to the left. We need to stay strong and follow God’s word as closely as possible, and stop trying to live as the world lives. Our churches should be a place of comfort and security, where we can all agree in one accord. Edification from our brothers and sisters is essential right now. As for me and my house, the more conservative, the better. That’s why we chose the Southern Baptist church many years ago. I think some of these leaders need to find a different denomination to be a part of. They want to change us to be more like this evil world. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


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