The Protestant evangelical church has been a massive conservative force over the past 50 years.  With nearly 40 million members, evangelicals are normally politically active, voting for their morals as well as for the preservation of our republic.

But something has happened over the past 7 years or so that has radically changed the priorities and mission of the largest evangelical seminaries and churches in the United States.  Seminaries previously focused on Scriptural exegesis and proclamation are now focusing on teaching their future pastors postmodern concepts such as critical race theory and intersectionality.  Churches throughout the nation are pushing progressive agendas along with the teaching of unconscious bias training and the deceptive idea of ‘white privilege’.

Faithful church members are being encouraged to reject constitutional conservatives and to embrace open borders, reject normative patriotism, and embrace progressive concepts and social justice policies normally reserved for radical socialists or open society adherents.

Rejecting any respect or support for President Donald Trump, the new progressive Christian front has an obvious political edge.  While stating that it is “a-political,’ the deconstructionist Christian movement churns out articles, videos, conferences, and tweets that promote progressive policies such as open borders, equity-based concepts, and social justice endeavors.

What is happening and why is it happening?

On this episode of The Causes of Things, we will explore the genesis of this massive paradigm shift within the Christian Church.

Listed below are important links and documents necessary for verifying the veracity of the information contained within this program:

  1. Call To Pause: Evangelical Men Join Women’s Call To Hit Pause On Culture War
  2. NIF Richard Land Impact Report Document
  3. National Immigration Forum Grants From Open Society Foundations
  4. Influential Signatories Of The Evangelical Immigration Table
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  6. Intersectionality and Reconciliation in Our Churches
  7. Pro-Amnesty Christian Groups Receiving $1 Billion From Feds Double-Down for Syrian Refugees
  8. Evangelical Leaders: Tell Us to Vote for Clinton
  9. Russell Moore Responds to Trump’s “Nasty Guy” Tweet With An Epic Burn
  10. The Nonpartisan Solution to Our Roy Moore Problem
  11. Top Evangelical Leader Tears Into Roy Moore’s Defenders
  12. Dr. Russell Moore: “The Future of Evangelicalism is at Stake”
  13. Dozens Of Evangelical Leaders Meet To Discuss How Trump Era Has Unleashed ‘Grotesque Caricature’ Of Their Faith
  14. Video: A House Divided Cannot Stand: Understanding and Overcoming the Inconsistencies in White Evangelicals on Racial Issues
  15. Video: T4G Session 3 – David Platt – Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters: Racism and our Need for Repentance

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Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

One Comment to: Christianity in a Postmodern Crisis | The Causes of Things Ep. 5

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    Lori Mulligan

    August 2nd, 2021

    I think a lot of this originated with the Christian Reformed Church (CRCNA). It is a small Dutch denomination, but they emphasize education. They have colleges and day-schools. I have researched them for 3 1/2 years–they are completely postmodern. It started with Groen Van Prinsterer who, based on his research of the French Rev., said that unbelief causes revolution and Enlightenment thought causes unbeleif, therefore he completely rejected Enlightenment thought. He passed the mantle to ABRAHAM KUYPER who turned to German Idealism and incorporated it into Reformed theology. Post WWII 50,000 dutch immigrants to Canada were added to the CRCNA and via philosophy professor Evan Runnergained control of the CRC. Three CRC colleges, Redeemer, The King’s Univ. and The Institute for Christian Studies (completely postmodern) were started in Canada post 1960. All Kuyperian. They even have a postmodern K-12 “curricular framework” called Teaching for Transformation that was written at TKU brought down to be distrubuted by the CACE at Dordt college. Last I saw, 100 christian schools were using the curriculum. I really don’t know how to sound the alarm on this. It is a huge, complicated subject. Would love to send more info your way if you are interested. Lori


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