It’s only been a short time since millions around the world sat captivated by a fairy tale. I had the benefit of knowing almost nothing about Prince Harry, or his bride. I’d no intention of watching the ceremony, but as I passed through our den with a cup of coffee, I must admit I found myself swept up. One could not deny the pageantry and beauty of the ceremony and the backdrop of St. George’s Chapel. From Bach’s Prelude in G Major, the entire event was an homage to cherished and time honored traditions. For me it became an unexpected moment to take a break from a world gone mad.

Despite my being no fan of monarchies or the royal family in general, I couldn’t help but rejoice at the readings celebrating the Triune God, the mentions of Christ, and the breathtaking music. Having also had no prior familiarity with Michael Curry, I thoroughly enjoyed his message that day and thought it was an admirable presentation of the gospel, considering the diverse and largely secular worldwide audience.

Yet as I watched the congregants react, many of whom wore expressions that alternated from discomfort to outright shock, I’m afraid my mind wandered. I couldn’t get over my sadness that this nation of Wycliffe, the Wesley’s, Whitfield and Lewis, was now the nation that oversaw a sea change in the questions of authority over life and death. This culture decided that the State, not the parents of Alfie Evans, had the supreme authority, and that authority determined that the child must die.

Only nine days after this wedding, Great Britain, already a powder keg of ethnic tensions due to mass immigration, would arrest, try and jail one of its citizens in just three hours for having the temerity to report on predominantly Muslim “grooming gangs.” These gangs who prey on, “groom,” sedate, and rape children have reached epidemic status across Great Britain, but their crimes have been largely swept under the rug by authorities. Those authorities, cut from the same cloth as the Alfie Evans deciders, who refuse to adequately protect their nation’s own children, didn’t hesitate to shred due process, going so far as to ban media coverage of the incident afterwards.

One cannot help but reflect on the words of the great Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who said, “The modern Western World has found nothing with which to oppose the onslaught of barefaced barbarity, other than concessions and smiles.”   

The nation which once rallied to fight on the beaches, in the fields, and in the streets will no longer fight for the life of its children, stand up to thugs roaming those streets, or even, as one writer put it, take its own side in an argument. Who are these people? How did they take charge of Britain’s government?

The contrasts of the day were palpable. Inside St. George’s the Judeo-Christian foundations of Great Britain were, at least superficially, being celebrated and given the spotlight on a world stage. Outside the moth of leftism had eaten away at this foundation to the point of near ruin. Inside, the gospel was shared, and at least for a moment, the merits of reverence and formality allowed a moment of escape from a culture, and in particular an entertainment culture, trending toward rot. Outside, the rust of liberalism covered all and it was learned that even that day’s eloquent Michael Curry has refused to stand for God’s Biblical model of marriage.

The reality is, Britain is not alone. America (see California, the “alt right” and Antifa) remains within an election of being ruled by cowards and dictated to by tyrants. Perhaps we are not quite to the point of rediscovering our martial vigor as Churchill once called for, but we must rediscover our Christian basis for existence, and not be dissuaded, as some Christian writers have called for, from our Patriotic passions. The root cause of our problems is Godlessness, its mechanism is leftism, its methodology constant, never-ending change that deconstructs our foundations.

Sadly, the media’s tolerance for tradition was short lived. One need look no further than the carriage ride of the royal couple following the ceremony. Robin Roberts, who was covering the morning’s events, posed a question to the assembled panel. “How long,” Roberts asked, “will it take Meghan Markle to change the royal family?”

Think of the arrogance of that statement. Despite all of their flaws, are we really to believe that this part-time actress and former Deal or No Deal “briefcase girl” is fit to overturn the Queen of England and  1,000 years of tradition? Are we certain that she needs to? That’s liberalism. In the modern liberal mind, all Western traditions are suspect and must be deconstructed. Perhaps in the case of the royal family some modernization might be in order, but it remains incumbent upon us in America to fight for the preservation of our foundations, lest we like Britain, devolve into the absurd.

Luke Allen

Luke Allen spent 30 years in the field of science and has been a freelance writer and author for the past 18 years. He is now a Senior Staffer in the Executive Branch of State Government.

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