A campaign group plotting to thwart Brexit is planning to spend £5.6million on a last-ditch attempt to stop it.

Best for Britain is backed by billionaire George Soros, who was born in Hungary but emigrated to England in 1947 and has lived in the UK and America.

Leaked documents seen by the Daily Mail suggest the group will attack whatever deal Theresa May strikes with the EU and is approaching donors for £3.2million in addition to £2.4million it has already raised.

Best for Britain is planning to claim that Brexit threatens British security, as well as arguing that leaving the EU is responsible for austerity and cuts to local councils.

The group has already deployed billboards in public places and placed adverts in pro-EU newspapers to spread its message.

The leaked documents show bosses want to target three groups of voters – Leave backers who might change their minds, hardcore Remoaners who can lobby for a second referendum, and Labour supporters keen to see Jeremy Corbyn take a softer line on Brexit.

Pro-Brexit ex-minister Owen Paterson told the Mail: “Leave voters up and down the country will be disgusted that George Soros thinks he can spend his fortune to determine the direction of our great country.”

But a spokesman for Best for Britain told The Sun last night: “We have never hidden our agenda. Our aim is to stop Brexit democratically.

“We want to connect people across the country to their MPs, so they directly hear from their voters, the majority of whom want to have a real debate on Brexit before our options are taken off the table, including the option to stay and lead in Europe.”

via The Sun

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