Because of Republican Evangelical defections we now get what we deserve. We get a Democratic Senator in an overwhelmingly Republican state. He’s pro-abortion, pro-transgender, and pro-gay-marriage. He is also opposed to religious liberty when it comes to advancing the “gay” and “transgender” agenda. And he loves judges who legislate hard-left policies from the bench.

Some Evangelical Republicans complained loudly of Roy Moore‘s resistance to Obergefell. They really did. The Obergefell decision was the lawless imposition of “gay marriage” on the country. Think about that. Peaceful resistance to naked judicial tyranny is lawlessness. Obstructing a quintessential case of lawlessness is itself the abandonment of the rule of law. You can’t make this stuff up. Well, you could but then no one would believe you. What does that remind you of? Think back to the American Revolution. King George charged the American colonists with lawlessness because they resisted political tyranny. Does that make sense?

Think again about the Obergefell decision. There are only a few SCOTUS decisions as ludicrous as this one (Dred Scott in particular). For over two centuries no one had a clue that “gay marriage” was mandated by the Constitution. Five rogue justices bypassed the constitutionally mandated process for amending the Constitution and by sheer judicial fiat wiped out the historic foundation for marriage that every single individual that ever had any hand in producing the Constitution or its amendments embraced.

Yet many elite Evangelicals exhibited less outrage at Obergefell than at Moore’s rightful and courageous resistance to it. Indeed, we were chastised by one group of Evangelicals for being outraged by Obergefell at all. That same group then proceeded to be outraged by Moore’s just resistance to Obergefell and further outraged beyond measure by Moore’s candidacy, even well before any unproven allegations of misconduct from four decades ago surfaced. The attacks on Moore and on those who supported him were often nothing short of vicious, particularly by a select group of Republican Evangelicals. Hillary Clinton herself and her most rabid supporters would not have been treated so poorly.

Then too we were told by these same persons that not voting for Moore or writing in a third candidate was not an effective vote for Jones; that it was not a binary choice when it obviously was. Add the write-in votes to Moore’s numbers (not to mention those who stayed home) and Moore would have won.

The Washington Post and New York Times, Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign, the SPLC, and all the other enemies of the inherent worth of unborn children, of a male-female foundation for marriage, of the biological basis for gender, of religious liberty, and of judicial restraint couldn’t be happier.

Dr. Robert Gagnon

Robert Gagnon is a theological writer and former associate professor of New Testament at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

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