Using a strategy practiced in the United States with the creation of fake Soros-backed “conservative” political action groups, a “liberal-conservative” think tank is urging the UK Conservative Party to legally embrace the ideology of “gender identity” to radically alter British society.

Bright Blue has published a report claiming that embracing ideology in the name of “human rights” will draw in younger voters and would be the “morally” right thing to do.

“To win the votes of more young people, Theresa May should show young people that she shares their liberal values,” wrote James Dobson, a senior researcher at Bright Blue, as the government considers recommendations in Parliament’s Women and Equalities’ transgender report.

“The Prime Minister should show her liberal side and offer a package of greater support for different transgender individuals in the UK,” he continues, adding: “Recent analysis polling by Bright Blue shows one way to do this is through better protecting transgender people in the UK.”

According to their “polling”, a majority of younger people (67 percent of under 40s) say they would be “proud” to support a party that “strengthens equalities legislation to ban discrimination against all transgender people”.The language is loaded, implying those who disagree with transgender ideology and agree with science are somehow bigoted.

Their proposal, presented in the Britain Breaking Barriers report, is for the Conservatives to amend the Equality Act 2010 by replacing “gender reassignment” with “gender identity” as a “protected characteristic”.

People who oppose discrimination against the genuinely transgendered could also be against radically altering our society from one where biological sex is important to one where it is meaningless and gender is whatever one “feels”.

Currently, the law already protects people who attempt to live as the opposite sex and have been medically assessed but does not allow biological men, who look like men, to simply declare themselves to be female one day and access female changing rooms – as Bright Blue wants.

Bright Blue’s polling does not seem to support the assertion that a vast majority of younger people support changing the Equalities of 2010, as they claim.

“There is a danger that self-identification will allow a small number to transition prematurely or to abuse the system in order to gain access to women-only services, such as prisons,” the report’s author also concedes, without explaining how biological women can be protected.

Bright Blue supports “social justices”, has previously called for higher immigration, and their former associate, Rupert Myers, was recently fired as a GQ correspondent after accusations of inappropriate sexual behaviour.

The group, which masquerades as being part of Britain’s “conservative” family, receives funding from pro-open borders billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, the left-leaning Trade Union Congress, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and Green Alliance.

via Breitbart

James Manning

One Comment to: Soros-Backed ‘Conservative’ Think Tank Urges Gov. to Make ‘Gender Identity’ Law

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    Johnny S

    April 27th, 2018

    So pedophiles and rapists ,with the approval from foundations like this will have legal access to restrooms and changing rooms that my daughter could be using. Children once again will be paying a high price. Europe thinks they have a rape epidemic now ,see what happens when this nonsense takes hold. Warheit macht frei.


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