Throughout the socio-political universe, there has been a phenomenon as of late that allows the architects of change to perform a manipulative influence to either achieve a desired result or create a pseudo-necessity for change in society.  Plainly stated, when a change in opinion or sociological shift is desired, a big lie is told in order to disrupt something as large as a cultural norm or as small as a local election.

This phenomenon is properly defined as a fertile fallacy.  A fertile fallacy is a statement or idea that on the surface may seem to be true because of a spurious accusation or because of inherent biases of the receiver.  Even though the accusation or statement lacks veracity, it is received as a “truth” from those that wish it to be true and hence will have a life of its own until the fertile fallacy is dismantled. Plainly stated, a fertile fallacy can be understood as “a lie that has legs” and will accomplish a manipulative function for the architect of the fallacy.

The fertile fallacy is a useful point of leverage in the process of reflexivity.  This process has been the agent of change used by George Soros and his organizations associated with Open Society Foundations.

A few examples of fertile fallacies:

  1. “The Migrant Crisis”: In the United States and Europe a massive, demographic changing, nation-morphing movement of peoples has occurred during the Bush and Obama administrations (US) and the Merkel, Blair, Cameron, Hollande and Junker (EU) administrations. The same talking points were used in both continents, the same standard operating procedures were used in the receiving and dispersing of people, and the same “fertile fallacies” were used to create the reflexive issue and elicit initial support from the general populace of each nation.  “The migrants are fleeing violence” fallacy was used but later debunked when it was discovered that the majority of men coming up from Central/South America (US) were from non-warring countries and the same for the falsely-attributed “refugees” in the EU.  The United States, NGOs with Open Society Foundations, and the EU encouraged migration to their nation states with promises of a better life and more opportunity all while creating a fertile fallacy of small children and families fleeing catastrophic persecution as the primary manipulative function. The goals of the pseudo migrant crisis? Change society. Disrupt the democratic process.  Encourage globalism and defeat the present hierarchy.
  2. “Donald Trump’s Administration can’t get anything done”: This self-fulfilling fertile fallacy has been created by the Democratic and Republican establishment while both parties stall appointees, push back on normative business, and use the courts to suppress standing law. If the Congressional and Judicial Branches “resist” business from the Executive Branch it is easy to see how the Executive Branch is going to have a difficult time getting anything done.  This, combined with special counsels based on fertile fallacies (Russia – Trump collusion) results in the establishment swamp creating its own self-fulfilling proclamations as the Nation continues to inch towards a globalist progressive future.
  3. “Roy Moore is a serial juvenile rapist”: Without any foundational proof, without any concrete evidence, and with hearsay that has been somehow silent over a 40 year period, Judge Roy Moore is accused of having romantic relationships with teenage girls in the 1970s. No proof offered, only testimonies that for whatever reasons was buried up until after the Republican nomination was secured.  Coordinated condemnation coming from the Republican leadership of the House and Senate, the RNC, the supposedly conservative religious leaders and others with precisely the same talking points. A well-executed fertile fallacy.
  4. “Being Nationalistic makes you a Nazi”: This globalist fertile fallacy is full of self-contradictory statements.  The only reference back to nationalism is the cruelty and horrific outcomes of the Third Reich.  What the statement does not address is that it took a strong nation in the United Kingdom along with a strong Prime Minister in Winston Churchill to defeat the Nazi threat.  Furthermore, the eventual globalist goal is a supra-national entity which will demand nationalistic dedication at all costs for its future citizens.

Be aware of the presuppositions of the ideas and agents of manipulation through mass media and social media in today’s volatile information-overload environment. Your ability to discern true statements from those that seek to influence you with fertile fallacies will impact your decisions, your votes, and the future of our world.

Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

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