Judge Roy MooreRecently I read an unreasoning diatribe asserting that anyone who refuses to condemn Judge Roy Moore as a sexual predator is “disgusting” and “pretty gross.” Fully aware that that judgment dispenses with the presumption of innocence, its author dismissed that commonsense requirement of American justice as follows:

Now, I’ve had far too many people shouting, “Guilty until proven innocent!” [SIC—the author apparently means “innocent until proven guilty”] at me over my comments on this issue, as if they’re too dumb to know that the second half of that phrase is “in a court of law.” Not to blow your mind here, but I’m actually not a court of law, and I’m allowed to believe whatever I want — and personally, I believe that Roy Moore was a predator with a penchant for teenage girls…. because of logic. As my colleague David French notes, there are a lot of reasons to believe these allegations: There are multiple accusers. These women didn’t come to the press seeking attention, they simply answered the questions when the press came to them. They have witnesses corroborating their stories. Finally, the woman with the most serious allegations, Leigh Corfman, voted for Donald Trump in 2016 — making the political-hit-job storyline laughable at best.

Obviously, this commentator expects to enjoy the presumption of logic, where there is none. But the citations she relies on to warrant that expectation rely on the same rejection of common sense she means to justify by using them. The notion of multiple accusers assumes that all the accusations involve similar behavior (in this case predatory sexual behavior with an underage person.) But aside from the fact that two of the “corroborating” witnesses were of age, (there may be some confusion about the third) all three of the witnesses reportedly stated that no sexual overtures were involved. The report of their statements says they found Moore’s interest “flattering at the time, but troubling as they got older.” And that “None of the three say that Moore forced them into any sort of relationship or sexual contact.”

Given the remarkable coincidence of their reactions, the change from flattered to troubled red flags the likelihood of leading questions from the interviewers. Be that as it may, none of the three offer any corroboration for the charge of sexual misconduct that is being used to foment opprobrium against Judge Moore. Now a new accuser has come forward with an allegation of sexual assault. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if another and another come forward, each alleging some more vile offense.

Clearly, letting elitist powers destroy any individual in this fashion is, in and of itself, an injustice the American people ought adamantly to oppose. But the attack on Roy Moore shows that the real aim is to overthrow America’s constitutional self-government, in principle as well as fact. With deceitful fabrications, it turns the moral passions of the body politic against a champion of the reasonable premises set forth in the Declaration of Independence. On those premises they prove that, by their exercise of God-endowed unalienable rights, the people of the United States warrant the claim of sovereignty pursuant to which they ordain and establish republican self-government throughout the United States.

But the elitist faction oligarchs mean to overthrow the sovereignty of the people and replace it with their own constitutionally unconstrained dictatorial rule. So, they are moving to take full control of the electoral process, erasing what America’s Founders put in place to assure the “due dependence” of government on the goodwill of the people. To this end, the character assassination campaign against Judge Moore implements a strategy of electoral subversion that effectively deprives candidates for office of any and all due process of law. This makes it possible to orchestrate, without let or hindrance, a perfect storm of deceitful fabrications, including calumnies and slanders of every kind, against any candidate they choose.

Once accusations, taken at face value, are pronounced sufficient to warrant peremptory judgment, the stream of false accusations becomes a whirlpool of lies, sufficient to drown the character targeted for assassination. Absent the careful precautions for fairness due process demands, innocence or guilt become irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the power of the disseminating media, and the resources to bring any number of false witnesses to bear. By these means, any electorate can be turned into a mob of thousands, fomented by media ring leaders effectively entrenched beyond the reach of law.

This strategy of subversion obviously requires enormous wherewithal. These days, aside from government, such resources are presently controlled by a relatively few. Not all of them identify with the anti-republican agenda of the elitist faction, but they have so far been outmatched by the tireless activity of those who do. Their strategy to subvert elections with character assassination is just being tested in Alabama. But if this test crucial test of their power succeeds, their confident use of it will, in effect, allow this elitist faction to achieve preemptive control of any election they choose.

By unleashing deceitfully manipulated public passion, this will entirely denature, and utterly demoralize, our constitutional system. Elections will no longer involve persuasion and choice. They will, instead, be battlegrounds dominated by mass passions targeted to eliminate individual political characters, but on behalf of the very forces bent on eliminating the character of the people itself from its sovereign role in the production of liberty. Alabama voters have it in their power to thwart this agenda, but only if they realize what’s really at stake. Liberty cannot live by lies. Let the elitist barrage of lies take Judge Moore down, and under that withering fire just law and rights, including liberty will fall. Trusting rather in God’s medium of truth, than in the works of godless would-be tyrants, Alabama voters can launch the revival of America’s true freedom. Please God, they will.

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Dr. Alan Keyes
Alan Lee Keyes is an American conservative political activist, pundit, author, former diplomat, and perennial candidate for public office. A doctoral graduate of Harvard University, Keyes began his diplomatic career in the U.S. Foreign Service in 1979 at the United States consulate in Bombay, India, and later in the American embassy in Zimbabwe.

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