“Our freedom is just one generation away from extinction.  Imperfect people can make an impact.  Marxism takes from one group and gives to another, but liberty movements ‘builds someone up!’ Collectivists seek approval of others, while individualists pursue ‘what is right’ — even so, there is value in preaching the message to others for the expansion of the idea — and not for their approval!   Therefore, It can just be one imperfect individual who recognizes that the fight for freedom is in their own generation, and train upon others of future generations to be the one who can be the impact to their generation to fight for freedom.   Teach them what freedom means — and also what it ‘doesn’t’ mean.”

Garrett referenced the founders of the United States of America and recalled the legendary ‘Give me liberty or give me death!’ speech from Patrick Henry.  Garrett recalled that the immediate response from the crowd to Patrick Henry’s speech was “treason!” to which Henry replied, “If this be treason, make the most of it!”

Garrett continued:

“We are descended from individuals that recognize the difference between right from wrong, between liberty and servitude, between the ability of a people to pursue their own destiny and the status of the group who have destiny foisted upon them.  These individuals demonstrated their commitment to these principles to the point where the prospect of death wasn’t a metaphorical abstract, but indeed a real manifestation of circumstance should they be captured – and they acted anyway.”

Congressman Garrett concluded by calling upon those Americans who are thankful for their freedoms and liberties to be gladiators in the arena of ideas as we engage in conversations with those who oppose the foundational premises of the United States of America.

James Manning

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