The news that the informational data dam may have broken several weeks ago through Elon Musk’s purchase of the social media platform Twitter sent the world into a hyper-spin mode and into two entrenched camps: those who value free speech and the free flow of information and on the opposite side, those who believe in authoritarian restrictions and strict methods of informational control.

To those who value free speech, the opportunity for truth to arise in an era of repressive tolerance would signal at least a glimmer of hope that constitutional norms may be restored in the United States of America. To those who wish to enforce authoritarian controls on the free flow of information, the announcement was viewed as a “step back” from the technocratic subjective goals of those that wish to engineer a totalitarian future.

In the end, both views should be seen as less than sufficient if mankind is to follow a pathway of free inquiry that leads to an objective pathway of a “better life” for our nation. As history has taught us, we should not place our hopes on any one man to free us from the bonds of slavery; physical or mental. At the same time, those that seek to rigidly control speech have the problem of the human will desiring liberty and freedom more than rigid guidance.

In today’s episode, Michael O’Fallon discusses the challenges ahead for free speech during the rise of the authoritarian state.

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    Heidi Ann Hammons

    May 11th, 2022

    It would be great to have a transcript of this for sharing.


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