The critical social justice advocates in the United States have been hard at work over the past 20 years pushing the class struggle and race struggle conflict theory of Postcolonial Theory in nearly every facet of western education. 

Postcolonial theory advocates claim that African Americans, Asians and Latinos (of which I am – once again – of Cuban descent) belong categorically to “disparate people groups” and need to be liberated, or, “decolonized.”

And of course they refer back to the examples of imperial European powers colonized Africa, Asia and South America as their examples. 

But that isn’t what social justice advocates mean by “decolonization.”

In the Social Justice sense, the term decolonization refers to postmodern Foucauldian and Derridean concepts of power and knowledge, So in this twisted definition, decolonization seeks to read everything through a framework of colonialism and uncover how it has shaped all sorts of power dynamics in society: even the Christian Faith. 

Show notes:
Decolonize Your Faith This Lent: A Reading List

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Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

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