The Southern Baptist Convention is in the process of seeking new leadership this June in Anaheim, CA.

The current President of the SBC, Pastor Ed Litton, has decided to resign after a tumultuous year-long tenure in office. During this time, Pastor Ed Litton was shown to have been preaching messages from sermon scripting organization, Docent, who as well was providing the exact same left-leaning sermons to former SBC President J.D. Greear.

For the past 5 years those of us that have stood against the spread of critical race theory and intersectionality have been maligned by the elite leadership of the SBC. Over those 5 years congregations who did not embrace the call to CRT(Race Marxism) were called racists, misogynists, and idolaters if they did not fully embrace the Neo-Marxist and politically leftward drift of the SBC.

Stepping into the arena is a man who many at Sovereign Nations know well: Pastor Thomas Ascol from Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, FL. Pastor Ascol has shown resolve to stand against the infusion of critical social justice and intersectionality as these cancerous ideologies have been woven into the fabric of the church.

Standing with Dr. Ascol is another man well known for his stand against the Social Justice Grievance Gospel: Dr. Voddie Baucham.

Dr. Ascol and Dr. Baucham will not just have the might of the SBC Deep State against their bid to reform the SBC: they will also be up against the synchronized machine of those that are seeking to “reset” our world, our nation, and faith communities around the world.

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One Comment to: Ascol and Baucham: Leadership in the SBC | Public Occurrences, Ep. 82

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    Jim Duncan

    April 8th, 2022

    Thank you Michael for such a clear explanation of the problem and the solution that plagues the SBC. I am praying that Tom and Voddie will be elected to the respective offices that they will be nominated for in Anaheim this June at the SBC. May the Lord use these men as His instruments to turn our convention away from the heresy of CRT/I, and return us to an unadulterated allegiance to Christ and His sufficient gospel of grace.


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