Over the past several years, the entirety of humanity has been forced to endure massive cycles of reflexivity that, on each revolution of the wheel, has disrupted and dismantled our nation and western civilization. 

Some of the reflexive cycles that we have experienced over the past few years :

  • The world-wide lockdown that accompanied Covid
  • The giant Black Lives Matter CRT push after the death of George Floyd
  • The propaganda that centered around the results of the 2020 election
  • The January 6th aftermath 
  • The enforcement of vaccine mandates 

And after each of these cycles of reflexivity we have seen our world, and our perception of reality, degraded and our future put in the hands of authoritarian technocrats. Elected officials now rule with iron fists – with “safety” and “the common good” as the guiding principles for the next edict or the next declared emergency.  

Corporations and financial institutions join in with the elected technocrats, doling out punishments and embargos on those that refuse to tow the fascist line. 

How will we break out of this cruel wheel of what seems like a certain dystopian fate? How does mankind resist the coming night and fight against the darkness that is now encroaching on every side?

Join Michael O’Fallon as he explores the dangers and the opportunities that await all of us.

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