Since our inception seven years ago, one of the primary goals of Sovereign Nations was to ensure that we made our audience aware of the strategies and techniques used to short circuit all thought and abilities for men and women to use the process of falsification when discerning truth from fiction.

In the past, we have discussed the use of the “fertile fallacy” to disrupt societal and social trends and to redirect momentum towards fallacious, manufactured “crisis moments” that demand the attention of everyone. This fertile fallacy is then propelled into the eyes and ears of the public eye through the process of propaganda and ultimately, reflexivity.

The entirety of the world and more specifically the United States has been manipulated by several fertile fallacies over the past four years, with each fertile fallacy disrupting and dismantling our constitutional system, our economic systems, and our ability to have reasonable, fact-based discourses centered around the pursuit of objective truth. As opposed to a pursuit of objective truth, we find ourselves, once again, heading down the path of a subjective narrative that will lead to the operational success of those that wish to control our lives.

Thinking back just three weeks ago, our main focus and attention in the world was:

  1. The plight of the trucker protests in Canada against tyrannical overreach
  2. The fallacy of the lockdowns all over the world and the international demand for liberty and freedom
  3. The excising of Critical Social Justice from our schools, legislation, and churches

And now with the incursion of Russian into Ukraine, nearly every ounce of energy and attention is being focused on Russia.

Funny how that happens…

We must be aware of the signs, the techniques, and the processes that are being used to manipulate our lives.

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