The entirety of the population of the world has been led down a yellow brick road of fear, reflexivity, fertile fallacies to come before the throne of the mighty and powerful “Wizards” of our day who have done nothing but break their promises that we in a regretful act of trust, placed in their deceitful hands. Do you remember 15 days to flatten the curve?

The truth is, the Wizards of our new Oz have no interest in fulfilling their promises. The new Wizards of the grand technocracy desire only to shove all of humanity into a hell that there will be no escaping. The problem is, they have overplayed their collective hands over the past two years showing time and time again that they are not scientists, they are alchemists. They are creating a world through insanity like “Build Back Better” is meant to end our liberties and freedoms forever.

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