If you were a kid growing up in the 70s and 80s you had one existential threat that we all had to prepare for whenever we left the house or whenever we left the sure-footed concrete pavement. 

It was the threat that nearly every TV show and every other movie would eventually put on horrific display as a warning that all of us needed to protect ourselves and prepare our friends for:


Truth be told, quicksand was no real or substantial threat to any of us. Yes, there are some goopy “jelly sands” in California and there are clay-laden river banks and swamps throughout the United States that you could lose a shoe in but there is no real or ever-present threat of being slowly sucked into the death vortex of quicksand. 

We lived in hyper-reality believing that what we saw on TV would be a real threat to us in the real world.  As kids, we spent hours planning our escape from quicksand. And what was a dramatic “plot twist” device from TV became reality in our minds. 

In today’s episode, Michael O’Fallon explores the fertile fallacies that we are fighting against that are, in reality…quicksand.

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