Over the past several years a question has arisen in regards to why Sovereign Nations has platformed two men that seem like an odd fit in most circles that we find ourselves in.

The reason that Sovereign Nations platformed Dr. Jordan Peterson and Dr. James Lindsay is that both men will speak the truth unapologetically. The truth that both men speak is from a deep well of knowledge and with very little filter.

Most evangelical Christian speakers today speak with constantly affixed filters applied to their speech to ensure that they don’t offend a “higher-up” in ministry. Most conservatives in politics talk nicely and politely about their neo-conservative colleagues who sell out the nation to the woke progressive mob.

Sovereign Nations platformed these men to ensure that our listeners would have the two very best sources of truth and knowledge as we prepare for the battleground of ideas.

Show links:
Identity Politics & The Marxist Lie of White Privilege | Dr. Jordan B. Peterson
The Trojan Horse – Ep. 1: Deconstructing Communities | Peter Boghossian, James Lindsay
Critical Race Praxis | The Great Gaslight, Ep. 1 | James Lindsay & Michael O’Fallon

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