After nearly 20 months of enduring state-mandated lockdowns, billions of dollars of losses, and thousands of jobs lost, you would expect that the air, hotel, cruise, and convention industry would be focusing on building their businesses, getting travel accelerating to profitable margins and ensuring that conventions and events are filling venues across the nation.

But that is the opposite of what is occurring today in the travel industry.

With oil prices soaring due to the Biden Administration’s energy policy decisions and with inflation hitting all-time highs (issues that deserve the travel industry’s full attention), the industry is instead focusing on insisting that the primary elements of critical race theory and radical subjectivism are fully infused into the travel, tour, meetings and events industry.

At the 2021 IMEX convention in Las Vegas this year, IMEX officials are practicing a form of what is known as “entryism” to ensure ideological orthodoxy in their attempt to create an environment friendly to their doctrinal distinctives. 

Firstly, IMEX Las Vegas has required every attendee to be fully vaccinated with no exceptions. It has been made clear to attendees that those that have recently had Covid-19, have strong antibody immunity, and are currently naturally immune are not welcome. 

Although IMEX has been consistently pushing progressive concepts in years past, IMEX has decided to dedicate every one of the workshops to topics surrounding critical social justice.

In a remarkable display of tone-deafness to their core constituency IMEX, has taken the critical social justice road of the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and BlackRock. As opposed to helping struggling event and meeting professionals find creative ways to budget, financially succeed, and work with creative responses to attrition, IMEX has decided to create social justice warriors as opposed to successful meeting planners. 

Workshops at IMEX 2021 read like a meeting featuring Kimberlé Crenshaw and Ibram X. Kendi:

  • Tourism Diversity Matters 
  • The Good, the Bad and the Blind Spots: Targeting Beyond Unconscious Bias
  • Setting up an inclusive event stage

The workshops of IMEX 2021 are reflective of organizations who have decided to fully dedicate themselves to the religion of woke with demands that all of those in the industry follow their magisterial lead into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Michael O’Fallon explores the issues at IMEX, and the evolving woke travel industry in this enlightening episode of Public Occurrences, Both Foreign and Domestic.

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