Pete Buttigieg has risen from college student to Mayor of Southbend, Indiana and all the way to Secretary of Transportation under the Biden Administration.  What was behind his meteoric rise to prominence and power? How did the entire transportation and trade infrastructure of the United States end up in the hands of this relatively young and inexperienced man? Well, Pete Buttigieg’s rise is primarily because of his ideology, an ideology that was first formed by his Father. 

Pete Buttigieg’s Father was Joseph Buttigieg, who was considered one of the top scholars in the world in regards to the teachings and theories of Antonio Gramsci: the father of what is known as Cultural Marxism. 

So when you are wondering what has been guiding Secretary Buttigieg’s frame of reference when dealing with our current infrastructure crisis, remember that Gramsci’s “transformation of consciousness” influences his decision-making process.

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