This week, Southern Baptists are convening in Nashville to make a decision in regards to who will lead their denomination over the next two years.

The field of candidates for the Presidency of the SBC is as follows:

  1. Pastor Ed Litton: A Pastor with egalitarian principles.
  2. Pastor Mike Stone: A conservative, principled leader opposed to critical race theory and intersectionality.
  3. Pastor Randy Adams: A conservative pastor concerned about internal abuses at the North American Mission Board.
  4. Dr. Albert Mohler: The President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary who has helped to introduce critical race theory to his students through his seminary.

A crisis of epic proportions has developed in the Southern Baptist Convention over the past 10 years. This present crisis is the introduction of critical race theory, supranationalism and intersectionality in the Southern Baptist Convention. This crisis was not developed ex nihilo but instead was developed through careful strategies and the promotion of professors in key seminary positions who syncretistically infused CRT and other parasitic ideologies in the Christian faith.

This permeation of CRT and globalism into Southern Baptist life was primarily the strategic vision of Dr. Albert Mohler, who opposed conservative political candidates, including former President Donald Trump, up through 2018 – even challenging the Christian faith of those who had chosen to vote for former President Trump.

In short, Dr. Mohler’s strategy is a political move disguised as a theological move. Dr. Mohler supports the establishment “deep state” political apparatus in Washington DC and has created a similar structure to the federal bureaucratic state within the Southern Baptist Convention.

Pastor Mike Stone represents Pastors and laymen that reject CRT and other cynical ideologies. Pastor Stone is committed to the preservation of the Christian Faith, the advancement of the Gospel, and the continuance of the Great Commission.

If you are a Southern Baptist, this podcast is required research before the voting begins in Nashville.

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2 Comments to: The Crisis in the SBC | The Causes of Things Ep. 27

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    Kristi Wood

    June 15th, 2021

    I was periodically checking news aggregators to see what happened at the SBC annual meeting, and was first very hopeful to see that Stone made it to the runoff, but then saddened to find out that Litton was elected. Is the SBC (which I’ve been affiliated with my entire life) dead? I’m not being defeatist; I trust God, and I know he’s sifting through to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is just part of the process. If Wokeism (i.e. CRT) destroys the organization of the SBC, there’s probably a good reason. When lightning strikes a tree, sometimes that tree can withstand it because it was a sound and healthy tree… but if the tree was already rotten at its core, the lightning will take it out. Until today, my husband and I were totally unaware that there were sex abuse scandals going on. He was furious to find out about this and said it sounded like our hierarchy was behaving like the hierarchy in a certain other Christian sect.

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    Peter Giles

    July 8th, 2021

    Thanks so much for this resource. I am in a situation that where wokeness etc. is not being addressed. So, I am trying to confront this situation graciously and biblically in method Mt 18. I am greatly encouraged by the fire in your belly. I am trying to not be a coward but steadfast and look to God and Christ as my all in all. At the same time I pray God will deal with me daily and make me humble and contrite confessing my sins and living for God.


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