Our civilization is in the midst of being transformed, against our volitional allowance, from an analog world of substance, material, and objective truth into a digital world of data, alchemy, and subjectivism.

Properly stated, and against our own personal knowledge and volition, we are in the process of being coerced through a human metasystem transition into what can only be described as a “global brain.”

Join Sovereign Nations’ founder as he explores this complex topic on today’s edition of The Causes of Things.

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One Comment to: The Global Brain | The Causes of Things Ep. 22

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    John Comfort

    July 9th, 2020

    This can be summed up in one statement: The Global Deception. Deceivers ruling from Europe are creating the illusion, through deceptive information and tactics, that things are ‘naturally’ occurring as a ‘sign of the times’ and the requirement for “Change”. And Change means of course, change the globalist rulers want ==> POWER. To obtain this power, is to destroy everything that has been created and built upon the Protestant Reformation, i.e. Western Civilization. Based on values, truth, honesty, integrity, and Judeo-Christian biblical morals.


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