We are collectively living in the midst of global history.  Regardless of your age, your chosen career, or your financial situation you are involved in what will be reviewed by generations to come in the future.

We have all been affected  in some way or another due to the Covid-19 novel coronavirus.  As news comes to us minute by minute and hour by hour, how are we to respond?  And as the news will certainly get worse in the next few days, how will you respond? Even more importantly, how does the media want you to respond?

There is a high probability that coronavirus has been present in the United States since December of 2019, and the figures show it. It has been in Europe and in other areas throughout the world for several months before the testing and reporting was effectively applied.

How should you respond to the aggressiveness of the news and panic caused by the situations surrounding the virus?

Michael O’Fallon answers these questions and begins looking into The Causes of Things.

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