“OK Boomer.”

This dismissive phrase has been used as the new backhanded “whatever” to reject any discussion, debate or conversation by Social Justice and postmodern-minded young men and women.   Why let objective debate and argument from the “old” generation get in the way of the “new” revolution?

Truth and the pursuit of provable fact is at stake in the dismissal of the generations-long struggle for knowing the what, where, how, and why of things.  The rejection of settled, global-wide understanding of math, geography, sex, the medical arts, and the scientific method are all up for manipulation and rejection for the sake of fake “justice” in all things.

The tragic and ironic part of this entire mess is who is paying for this deconstruction of society: the Boomers.

Educational and parachurch Institutions over the past 20 years have elicited support of Boomers to “safeguard the truth” but have instead used the gifted revenue of the older generation to deconstruct civilization and replace the objective, ancient, and provable truths for a hideous lie.

So it is time, Boomer, to step up to the plate and demand accountability and focused, transparent, truth-seeking leadership.

Out with the untrustworthy and manipulative “new”, in with the objective and trustworthy “old.”

Sovereign Nation’s Founder, Michael O’Fallon, pleads for a new path that will save civilization and will save the current generation from certain future peril.


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