The declaration of ideological war was sounded from the center of London at the Sovereign Nations and New Discourses co-sponsored conference, Speaking Truth to Social Justice, held at the National Liberal Club’s Gladstone Library. 

At this event, Sovereign Nations Founder Michael O’Fallon joined Dr. James Lindsay, Dr. Peter Boghossian and Helen Pluckrose as they explored the current epistemological and societal challenges that accompany the current “woke” cultural revolution. 

In his presentation, O’Fallon explained that we are currently experiencing an epoch of time where mankind has purposely reverted to non-realities while rejecting objective truth.  Mr. O’Fallon’s speech, After Light, Darkness, explored the sad reality that the pursuit of truth that exponentially increased after the reformation and enlightenment was quickly being extinguished: 

“If every man, woman, and child has equal access to the light of knowledge, to the pathways of truth afforded to them through cognitive liberty,  how – if you wanted to control the huddled masses – would you try to reclaim some sense of subjugation? 

Well, you would introduce ideas that you would claim to be true that are completely irrational. Utterly insane. Downright mythological. 

And claim that they are true – or at least that they are morally true – under your new mythological moral code

You would insist that others understand these falsifiable but feel good, half-truths as fertile fallacies

Fertile fallacies always contain a kernel of truth but at the core are meant to spurn reflexive action as desired by those that seek societal or political change. 

So here is the subtle but destructive twist to destroy the concept of objective truth: radical subjectivism.”

Please enjoy Mr. O’Fallon’s opening presentation from the Sovereign Nations London conference.

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