Pastor Mike Stone of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Blackshear, Georgia, believes that it is time to address pressing issues in the largest protestant denomination in the world: The Southern Baptist Convention.

In this wide-ranging discussion, Pastor Stone and Sovereign Nations Founder Michael O’Fallon begin by reviewing the Southern Baptist Convention’s 2019 passage of Resolution 9. By contrasting the strategic use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality in nearly every facet of our society, they explain how these “analytical tools” are applied in practice and how they have undermined the great commission mandate of the SBC.

Pastor Stone will be nominated to lead the Southern Baptist Convention as President. His stated goal is to bring the denomination back into alignment with a biblical vision and great commission principles. Pastor Stone makes a clear case for needing to understand what is really being offered by previous leaders in the convention and how these cynical theories directly corrupt educational institutions and churches within the SBC. Pastor Stone also provides specific answers regarding what problems are currently facing the faithful members of the SBC and why those problems exist.

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4 Comments to: A Critical Intersection: SBC Presidential Candidate Mike Stone

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    March 22nd, 2021

    Great interview. I disagree with his emphasis being primarily on evangelism for curing the problems in the Baptist churches. Baptists always resort to preaching as ultimate solution to church their problems. Another major missing element is the lack of discipleship that does not occur in our churches which George Barna has pointed out. Francis Schaeffer also addressed this problem but things have not changed since he warned the Christian community where we were headed. Christians and their leaders lack a biblical worldview and are ignorant of what the Bible teaches, especially regarding his law. The last command by Jesus was not to just preach the Gospel. He also gave us the Great Commission which calls for us to “disciple” the nations! The reason we are experiencing the racial strife and infiltration by communist ideologies that divide us is biblically ignorant Christians and their leaders. We have failed to disciple the people in our own churches. This has left us open to attack by the enemy. Instead of addressing this problem of a shallow Gospel and lack of discipleship Pastor Stone wants to preach the Gospel. The question is, What is the Gospel? Jesus is the sovereign lord of the universe and the Bible addresses all ethical facets of our lives. As both Schaeffer and Barna point out, we have failed miserably at educating our people on the revolutionary nature of God’s word and his law. Instead, we have celebrity pastors like Andy Stanley teaching that Christians are supposed to unhitch themselves from the Ten Commandments, God’s law and the Old Testament. The law of God forms the basis of our nation’s common law. The church and its leaders became lawless before our culture did. This is the result of a superficial understanding of the Gospel and a holistic biblical worldview that should be used to disciple the nations – beginning with our own people. Many Baptists leaders are preaching the half-way Gospel and don’t even know it. This explains why a nation like America, which is super-saturated with the Gospel, has had no affect on our people. Christians generally behave no different than the pagans, and this is also true for many of our church leaders as well. God teaches that repentance needs to start with our own people. We need to re-examine the shallow Gospel we are presenting to the world and why it has no impact on changing our own people’s behavior. Our lawless actions reveal a disrespect for a God we really do not know and his word which we really don’t value.

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      Gregory Likens

      March 30th, 2021

      Right on

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    Robert Roper

    March 23rd, 2021

    You hit the nail on the head… We stopped giving to the Program over the many decisions of the ERLC that were inconstant with our convictions.

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    Jeffrey Parker

    February 4th, 2022

    Good points. Although, one cannot be discipled unless he is first evangelized and converted.


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