A progressive culture has developed within the Evangelical Church where only certain conclusions are allowed, and social grievances are placed above objective truth. This particular approach to the faith has proceeded from a radical political agenda that is using concepts adapted from postmodern cultural analysis.

The cancer of the “gospel of grievance” is now prevalent in the Evangelical Church and it will take all of us, regardless of our varied ethnicities, to excise this vengeful cancer out of our churches and institutions. This cancer is fracturing the church and will eventually lead to a Rousseauian version of political faith. 

In early February 2020, before the outbreak of the reflexive pandemic, before the endless lockdowns, before the destruction of the American economy, and before the collectivist riots swarmed across our nation, I traveled to Memphis, TN as a guest speaker at the “Time to Speak” conference at the First Baptist Church of Bartlett. My topic: How to Stop the Progressive Drift of the Evangelical Church.

I attempt to warn those in attendance that the night is coming and that our time is short. The cancer of the “gospel of grievance” has metastasized and is now prevalent in every facet of evangelicalism: denominations, seminaries, colleges, parachurch organizations, youth organizations, and missions. 

In my presentation, I focus on the following categories:

  • The situations and circumstances that led to my participating in the early stages of the strategy to shift Christianity from a faith that is concerned with salvation to a movement focused on “social justice” and political power. 
  • The structure of how a paradigm-shifting movement has been introduced both to the United States of America and to the major faiths of our nation.
  • The “why” and the political and societal end-goals of the movement.
  • The loose Augustinian structure of intersectionality.
  • The coming oligarchal technocracy that is being prepared for western civilization and the subtle introduction of the “Technocratic Church” that will overturn the Biblical hierarchy within church government.

I hope this presentation will help you to prepare your apologetic as you confront the “the gospel of grievance” before the entirety of Christianity has been infected and taken over by this parasitic ideology.

The audio version of this presentation is available on SoundCloudApple PodcastsGoogle PlaySpotify, and Stitcher.

Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

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    August 29th, 2020

    Thank God some one is presenting this very emotionally charged dilemma intelligently. I had no idea while I was in the Evangelical Friends church how much they had been influenced. Now they are reading Greg Boyd. This is serious friendship splitting stuff. Only Jesus can guide us through it but your clear markers are helpful. I am grateful.

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    December 6th, 2020

    The Kingdom of YHWH / of heaven

    It is very unfortunate that the most important message delivered to First Century Israel by the prophet Yahshua (aka Jesus) is seldom presented correctly or even understood. That message by Yahshua was all about “the Kingdom of God/of heaven.” In the KJV of the Bible, we find the words “Kingdom of God, or Kingdom of heaven” used some 70 times for the phrase “Kingdom of God” and some 33 times for “the Kingdom of heaven. Not only was this message by the prophet important, it was the real primary mission that the Prophet Yahshua was sent to deliver to the First Century Israelites, (Matt. 4:16-17, 23). We believe that one of the reasons Yahshua’s message was not clearly understood is because many people tend to believe that the words translators decided to use when they translated the original Hebrew or Greek Bible words into English are always correct. Often however, important word definitions in Hebrew or Greek are completely lost because of careless, poor, or even deceptive English replacement words used to translate the original languages into a language like English. English over the last two thousand years now provides many word choices that the much older more ancient and simpler languages like Biblical Hebrew did not have available and did not use.

    One of the most deceptive English words still used today in many English Bibles is the word “God.” This English word is often used to substitute for the Hebrew word “alueim.” Alueim is a plural noun that has the meaning of “powers or mighty-ones” like the English word “deer” the word alueim can be singular or plural. The word alueim is sometimes used with a singular verb in Hebrew. The problem is that this Hebrew word can refer to Prophets, Priests, Kings, and others that hold a position of authority. Those with authority can all be described as an “alueim” in Hebrew (including the Almighty, when context determines meaning). Therefore, just because an English Bible uses the word “God” it is not always referring to the Almighty Sovereign Creator Power, the Ever-living Essence named YHWH.

    The second most deceptive word used in English Bibles, is the word “LORD.” This is an English derivative word coming from French, denoting a superior position, or one with authority. “Lord” has much the same meaning as the Hebrew word alueim. The word “LORD” is also a substitute word, but used to replace the Hebrew name of the Almighty, which is YHWH (YaHWeH). Yahweh means “He-Exists, He-Is, or Ever-Living” the “Life-Force Essence” of all that exists. Our Sovereign (heavenly Father) is the original-originator of everything in the Universe that has existed, or will ever exist, and of all life. That is some statement isn’t it?

    The same thing has happened with the name “Jesus.” This name was transliterated from Hebrew/Aramaic-into Greek, then into Latin, and lastly into English, adulterating the Hebrew name “Yahshua.” The Hebrew name of the prophet re-named “Jesus” is YaH-ShAh (Yahshua) this Hebrew name means YaH-rescues, or YaH-Saves. Yahshua’s name actually announces his earthly message, that YHWH is the Savior (not Jesus “Yahshua”). To understand this is very important, but the meaning is completely lost in English Bible translations using the substitute name Jesus to replace the name Yah-shua. Other English words have similar deceptive names that hide the true Hebrew meanings. In this article we will use the proper word YHWH for the Almighty, and Yahshua for the name of the Prophet falsely named “Jesus.”

    Yahshua’s message of “the Kingdom of YHWH/of heaven”

    The meaning and understanding of the message “the Kingdom of YHWH” (according to the synoptic Gospels) must be very important since it is used 76 times in the KJV. The words “Kingdom of heaven” is used some 32 times both mean about the same thing. Yet, many Christians or Bible students do not really have a clear understanding as to what the “Kingdom of YHWH/ of heaven” really is or what it means, even though it was Yahshua’s main message throughout his entire ministry on earth, beginning at (Matt. 4:17) and the reason for why he was sent to Israel, (Luke 4:43). Why then is this message so difficult for Christians to understand?

    Some examples where the expression of Kingdom of YHWH, and Kingdom of heaven are used
    Matt. 5:17.Yahshua said -You must repent, because the “Kingdom of heaven was at hand.”
    Matt. 6:33. “But seek ye first the Kingdom of YHWH, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”
    Matt.7:21. “Not everyone that saith unto me, Master, Master, shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”
    Matt. 12:29. “But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of YHWH, then the Kingdom of YHWH is come unto you.”
    Matt. 19:24. “And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of YHWH.”
    Mar. 1:15. “And saying, the time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of YHWH is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.”

    These are just a few of the many examples, but there is a point here that can be seen running through the verses; it is, that the “Kingdom of YHWH/of heaven” often requires an action on the part of the hearer. We are told to repent “because the Kingdom of heaven was at hand.” (Matt. 10:7). We are told to seek the kingdom of YHWH, “seek ye first the Kingdom of YHWH.” We are told that the Kingdom of heaven comes to the one, “that doeth the will of my Father” which is in heaven. ”We are not told to wait for the “Kingdom of YHWH” to come to earth, because it was already near, (Luke 10:9). And, it had come upon you” (Luke 11:20); also, it does not come with observation, (Luke17:20); that it is “within us” (you),” (Luke 17:21). We are not told that Yahshua was going to be the King of the “Kingdom of YHWH” for us on earth in the future, because the Kingdom that Yahshua was talking about had already come at the time he was speaking!

    Recently I heard a man make reference to “the ‘Gospel’ of the Kingdom;” he said, “that it is often used among charismatics.” He then added, “Amazingly however, no one seemed to know what the ‘Gospel’ of the Kingdom meant.” A few made an attempt to explain it, but nothing really stood out to him that seemed practical or believable, and more importantly, was it really Biblically-based? Only in the last year, through the help of a friend, this man said he thought that he found out what Jesus and his apostles meant by “the Gospel of the Kingdom” or was it “the Gospel of Christ” that they were talking about? (Which he though, properly translated meant “the Gospel of the King”). But I said look at the subject that Yahshua was talking about, wasn’t it supposed to be the “Kingdom of YHWH” not “the Gospel of the King”? Wasn’t Yahshua teaching about the “Kingdom of YHWH/of heaven?” Did Yahshua ever say, “The Gospel of the King” or the “Kingdom of Christ”? No, he did not say that anywhere, so this meaning cannot be correct. Yahshua was talking about the “Kingdom of YHWH/of heaven.” Did the Gospel writers make a mistake? I don’t think so.

    The Kingdom of YHWH/of heaven

    The use of the word “Kingdom” is commonly understood in English Bibles to be a realm or a physical authority of The Almighty Sovereign Power Creator of the universe on earth. Some think it means a future physical coming realm or a rule on earth by Yahshua. This however, is very unfortunate, since it misses the true Greek/Aramaic meaning as used in ancient Biblical culture and Israelite tribal customs. Remember, Yahshua is speaking to descendants of the Israelites, not to people living in our age and he is not speaking for a time over 2,000 years in the future after Yahshua was executed. We believe it is through mistranslations, poor understanding, and bad English word selections that are replacing the ancient vernacular of the Hebrew-Greek language and idioms, where many translations go off of track from the correct understanding of what was understood by the ancients.

    George M. Lamza, in his book “The Kingdom on Earth” has this interesting paragraph. “The Aramaic word malkotha, [translated in Greek as basileia] kingdom, also means counsel; the term “malko” king, means a tribal counselor. Thus God’s kingdom also means God’s counsel. Where injustice and suffering are dominate, people pray for a better rule, and where earthly rulers and kings fail to do justice and remedy the conditions, they pray for God’s rule and His kingdom (His counsel) to prevail.”
    Yahweh’s (counsel) is not going to come by observation, nor will His Kingdom be “earthly.” We must be faithful and do our part, our action, and deeds, or things will never change. If we elect wicked and unrighteous rulers, we can expect to get a wicked and unrighteous rule. Yahshua said: (Matt. 12:5), “The Kingdom of Yahweh is within you….” If the Kingdom of YHWH is within us, it is up to us as His righteous representatives here on earth, to make the Kingdom of YHWH appear. We are the brothers and sisters of Yahshua, Therefore also sons and daughters of our Father YHWH, (Matt. 12:50), and therefore we are YHWH’s representatives, we are (in fact) His Kingdom on earth.

    The (Gospel) message of Yahshua was for the sons of Yahweh to repent, to turn to YHWH’s counsel, and then make righteousness on earth happen. The kingdom is not some physical place – it is an authority (a Counsel) that the Father makes available to His sons/daughters to do His will and become obedient. His authority will dwell within them when they seek it, and when they use it.
    In the Hebrew Bible, the Kingdom (counsel, or authority) rested upon the anointed priesthood, upon Kings, or the prophets as YHWH’s representatives; they then directed the people by their authority. Over time, this system became corrupted and was infiltrated by Edomites. In Yahshua’s time it was in the process of changing and being renewed, a “Re-newed Covenant” was coming (but not a “New Covenant”). The re-newed Covenant would require the destruction of the complete cultic Temple worship/sacrificial payment system (the old). This happened in 70 CE as was prophesied by Yahshua in Matt. 24. With the Temple destroyed, the Priesthood was also destroyed and along with the priesthood, the complete sacrificial cultic system of worship. What was in the past as “external law” administered by Priests and kings would now become “internal law” for the obedient sons of the Father, the brothers and sisters of Yahshua (the true believers). No longer would the priesthood or a king be the counsel or sole authority for the people. The good news (gospel) message of Yahshua was: that the counsel (kingdom, of authority) was now available to all Israelite believers who would seek and ask YHWH for His counsel, expect to receive it, and then do the will of YHWH on earth.

    YHWH’s authority is the only real authority there is. He is the only one worth obeying. Submitting ourselves to the “ordinances after the traditions of men” (e.g. like covering our heads by tradition) will only lead to personal bondage and suffering. Real authority is also possible by observing the life of Yahshua, and through the illumination of YHWH’s counsel; His Kingdom within us. No amount of physical effort will accomplish this, but when one of YHWH’s children is empowered by His counsel, they will also express His “Kingdom (counsel) of heaven” on Earth. That is real power and that then is real authority. The “other” will recognize it and will shy away from those that express it.
    To review: The first thing Yahshua taught in his First Century message to Israel, and to us was; “Repent for the Kingdom (counsel) of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4:17). Repentance, personal accountability to the will of YHWH is the first step to fulfilling the Kingdom (counsel) of YHWH within each of us. Without this foundational “first” principle, the Kingdom (counsel) of YHWH does not exist on any other level.

    Personal sovereignty, seeking YHWH’s counsel, and each individual taking responsibility for his personal instruction, sustenance, and protection on all levels, is the Kingdom of YHWH in action. As we grow into small individual sovereigns, we also begin to mature into “Son-ship.” When we become “kings” over our own mind, over our own actions, and over our own dominion, (a result shown in our daily lives) then we begin to learn sovereignty. When we exercise self-government according to the will and counsel of YHWH, we begin to enter into and experience the Kingdom counsel of YHWH, and also the Government “Kingdom” of YHWH. If we reject His will and if we refuse to be governed by the principles of YHWH’s Divine Edict, and avoid keeping the Covenant/contract (the Commandments) we will then also refuse citizenship in the Kingdom of YHWH, and the Kingdom of heaven. Until we do, we cannot become children within His heavenly household; we will just simply remain on the outside. The Kingdom “within” us is the foundational principle of all other facets of the Kingdom (counsel) of YHWH. From then and then only will each receive real authority, and we can then begin to rule YHWH’s Kingdom on earth.

    If the Kingdom of YHWH is not found within us, it will not be found outside of us either!


    All rights reserved, Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade

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    December 6th, 2020

    I agree with you that there is a progressive (actually its regressive) shift of the Evangelical Church. It is actually nearing the point toward the Church’s complete demise. The Corona 19 virus has also really helped to speed this movement. In addition, most Churches have become IRS 501 ( C ) 3 Government regulated Churches. By becoming regulated Corporations they have lost their First Amendment rights simply to reduce their liability. However, I do not believe that the reason you have concluded for that “progressive shift” is 100% correct.

    I saw a recent report that stated that 7 out of 10 high school seniors do not feel that religion or Church attendance would be a very great influence in their future. I do not know if this is a reliable report, but I can see from my own contact with youth, that it is very likely true. The question for us to ask is why?

    Without going in detail, I believe that one of the primary reason is because the fundamental basic “Doctrines” of Christianity are not Biblical, not believable, and are no reasonable. They do not fit in, nor can some of the false Christian Doctrines find a place within the logical modern “enlightened” mind. Beliefs like the “Trinity God” the “God-man Jesus” the need for the God-man Jesus to be sacrificed to please the Father God so he can feel good enough to forgive sins committed against Him, or that the Spirit God raped the virgin Mary to produce His human “Son” God, do not fly well in the “enlightened” mind. Without explaining the reasons for these beliefs, and why my studies of the Scriptures have concluded them to be false, they are in my opinion the primary reason for the movement away from the Evangelical Christian belief. Yes, I know that these beliefs come from the NT, having been a Christian for over 35 years, but now at 76, I see a great need for a revival “back toward” using the Bible Yahshua (Jesus) used. Doing that will remove many of the false doctrines that have crept into modern “Christianity” by way of the corrupt Constantine Roman Catholic Church in 325 CE. There is nothing wrong in a “Religious” Progressive Shift, if it is a shift away from false doctrines to Biblical truth.

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      Kevin Archibald

      December 17th, 2020

      Jesus said in Matt. 16:18 “I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not overpower it.”
      What the Corona Virus has done effectively is remove the chaff from many church pews as Christ protects his Bride from false teaching.
      Christ, the disciples, then Paul and others quoted from the Septuagint which was “their bible” of the day using it to clarify and strengthen the “basic doctrines” of the faith against any so called “enlightened” thinking of their time, as well as in any to come. Stuff apostates come up with today!
      Here in Ontario Canada, our church has a youth ministry so large that we have set aside not a room, but a building dedicated to them. We don’t poll them but we do teach the Gospel in its entirety; things like the Trinity, incarnation, resurrection etc. These youth have gone on to our local university under the leadership that got them there with their faith intact, resulting in a growing ministry to university students.
      What kind of Christmas can anyone have believing that God raped Mary? That would taint the whole birth story, but perhaps that is the goal of those that embrace that type of Blasphemy against God. Joseph at first thought something was amiss, and then lovingly thought to protect Mary. God then mercifully sends an angel reminding him of a prophecy that a virgin, not a rape victim or product of fornication would bear the Son of God. Joseph took God at his word and then Mary as his wife. Anyone faithfully reading this account would note verse 25 in Matthew chapter one for it concludes with this, “and kept her a VIRGIN until she gave birth to a Son; and he called His name Jesus. Sorry for the detail but it seems this flew well in the “biblical” mind.
      We do need a revival of hearts toward God and His word set out clearly in the first century!

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    July 22nd, 2022

    To: Kevin Archibald

    Sorry to disagree with you Kevin, But the fact is, the “Virgin birth” story is all fabricated, in an attempt to make Jesus “God the Son” instead of “A son of God.” Even the oldest Gospel Mark leaves the story out, as does Paul/Saul. According to Jesus (Yahshua) himself, said, that those that do the will of the Father are all like Yahshua – becoming sons of the Father. “For whosoever shall do the will of the Father which is in the heavens, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother.” That being the case, it is by doing the will of the Father that gives us the exact same relationship with the Father as Yahshua has. Tell your young people, that there is no such thing as a “virgin birth.” Being “with child is proof of a lost virginity.


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