During the first panel session of the “With Liberty and Justice for All” conference, host Michael O’Fallon was accompanied by a panel composed of James Lindsay, Xi Van Fleet, Lily Tang Williams, Cathy Kiang, Sau O’Fallon, and Mike Zho.

The panel engages in a thought-provoking discussion on the American cultural revolution, delving into the parallels between the current state of division, strife, disinformation, collectivization, and provocations experienced by citizens of the United States, and the strategies and methods employed by Mao Zedong over six decades ago in China.

From 1949 until his death, Mao Zedong initiated numerous mass campaigns, such as the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, which served as platforms for spreading propaganda and categorizing the Chinese populace. These campaigns were characterized by intense ideological indoctrination, with the aim of creating a unified “red” class that adhered to Mao’s revolutionary principles. Those who did not conform to the prescribed ideology were labeled as “black” and deemed enemies of the revolution. Through these mass campaigns, Mao effectively divided the Chinese populace into two distinct categories, fostering a sense of unity among the “reds” and isolating the “blacks.”

Mao Zedong utilized political slogans as a means to propagate his ideology and categorize the Chinese populace. Slogans such as “Serve the People” and “Long Live the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” were plastered across the country, reinforcing the division between the red and black realms. These slogans were repeated incessantly through various mediums, including newspapers, radio broadcasts, and public speeches, effectively shaping public opinion and creating a forced sense of loyalty to the Communist Party.

The panel discussion delves into the striking parallels between the strategies employed by Mao Zedong in Communist China and their current replication within the United States. These methods, that destroyed centuries of familial and cultural hegemony in China, are now being utilized to sow division, promote collectivization and cultivate tribalism in America.

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