Jon Benzinger, author of Stand: Christianity vs Social Justice and Pastor of Redeemer Church in Gilbert, AZ, joined Michael O’Fallon and James Lindsay as they discussed the incursion of Marxism into Evangelical Christianity at the Sovereign Nations Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

Pastor Benzinger began the panel with the statement:

“It is a great thing to see that kind of unity. It’s a good day when people with profound differences can come together and fight a common enemy which just happens to be the same way that this entire country was founded to start with.”

In the panel discussion, Pastor Benzinger states:

“It’s irony that it’s called the social justice movement because it is at its core antisocial and it is institutionalizes injustice and yet it’s called the social justice movement.”

O’Fallon responds to the comment by Lindsay stating that “if you don’t have a context (of knowledge in regards to critical theory and how it works) don’t drink the poison unless you have built up the ability to metabolize the poison”

O’Fallon continued by saying that we have “lost the ability to be Bereans and so and what we’ll do sometimes is that we will look at those outside of our camps of faith…whether those that are let’s say charismatic or those that are in other evangelical groups that are not of the same doctrinal standards that we are and we’ll immediately go hard on them, we’ll have conferences about them; but those within our own camp that have actually come and poisoned the well with Marxism –  we will be easy on them.  We have to actually even be harder on those that have done this (bringing in Marxian concepts into the Church) because what they’ve done is first they’ve solicited your support and your trust, and then what they did is betray you.”

James Lindsay explained how wokeism is religious in nature and nearly identical to Gnosticism. Lindsay remarked:

“Gnosticism in general is a parasitic movement it has latched onto Christianity, it has latched on to science, it will latch on to anything that it can and assert itself as the one true authority.  And then, when you try to pull it off,  it’s, “oh, you’re abusing me, you’re abusing me, you’re abusing me.” And so I would say that the division is being produced by the provocateur and they are very skilled at doing so – and then framing out the reaction in a way where they’re accusing everybody else of being divisive.”

The panel discussion is available for free on the Sovereign Nations’s website and our social media platforms.

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