The future of the Southern Baptist Convention is at stake as messengers gather in Anaheim, California, for the annual convention, where the direction of the SBC (and wider evangelicalism) will be decided in the next several days. 

What should the response be from the Evangelical Church in regards to the controversy surrounding the infusion of critical race theory (CRT) and wider elements of “social justice” in the Church today?

In this never-before-released video from Sovereign Nations’s The Great Awokening Conference, Dr. Tom Ascol reasons from the Scripture and provides the following conclusions in regards to how faithful Christians must engage the current crisis of “woke-ism” in the church:

  • Honestly: Christians are required to define the actual issues with finite accuracy and as well without hyperbolic conclusions. If we are concerned about eliminating the stain of Neo-Marxism from the halls of evangelical discourse, we must understand both the “what” and the “how” in regards to wokeism.
  • Joyfully: No matter what challenges may come our way, we count it all joy in our trials and tribulations to overcome this attack upon the Christian faith.
  • Courageously: We must face the challenge of extricating the ideological virus of Marxism from our churches. This process of cleansing will lead to what will be challenges to friendships, the souring of relationships and possible separation from those that we have considered fellow sojourners in years past.

The challenge to remove the stain of Marxism from the SBC is not a struggle that Christians can opt to “sit out.”  We must engage this theological and ideological battle with honesty, joy and courage. 

The audio version of this presentation is available on SoundcloudGoogle PodcastsApple Podcasts, and Spotify.

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