The sociopolitical tides are changing throughout Western Civilization.

In this newly released interview, Michael O’Fallon and James Lindsay reflect upon their revolutionary discussions, their previous warnings, and the coming deconstruction of our nation as our world inches closer to a “Great Reset.”

In the summer of 2019, Michael O’Fallon, James Lindsay, and Peter Boghossian discussed the specifics of the “what” and “how” of an insurrectional ideological battle happening within affinity groups, research, and education throughout Western Civilization.

The 2019 discussions between Lindsay, O’Fallon and Boghossian also revealed the methodologies and strategies used by affinity groups, corporations, religious denominations, and institutes of higher learning were essentially the same, using a weaponized dialectical approach:

  1. Introduce subjective ideas foreign to the affinity base (thesis).
  2. Begin to discuss these ideas and how they affect the unity of the group.
  3. Allow for disagreement and some debate within chosen voices within a community (antithesis).
  4. Create a crisis.
  5. In response to the crisis, demand complete and total change.
  6. Appear to be reasonable and accept some portion of the requested change (synthesis).

Indeed, even this method is a strategic ruse because that which is introduced as “thesis” is, in fact, a “counter-thesis” to the ideas and values that already define these affinities, institutions, and their internal cultures. This reframes responses that re-assert those established values as the “antithesis,” achieving a strategic reversal of standing between the established values and their intended replacements. This keeps institutional leaders on their back feet and unable to defend themselves against what turns out to be a strategic attempt to remake them from within according to the precise neo-Marxist model outlined by Antonio Gramsci in the 1920s: infiltrate, establish a counter-hegemony, then conquer from within.

Through this boiler-plate methodology, each affinity, educational, religious, or corporate entity will be induced into introducing standpoint epistemology that favors “change.” This in turn leads to systematically deconstructing pathways that were formed through the objectively-minded correspondence theory of truth while embracing new, radically subjective pathways to chaos.

In many arenas, particularly in the religious and political worlds, people have listened and embraced the challenge to confront these issues within their communities. But have they done the work necessary to excise the subjective cancers that are metastasizing within their constituencies? Have they understood the size and breadth of the threat that is both inside their communities and outside of their control?

In this episode, A Critical Reset, Lindsay and O’Fallon explain that it isn’t enough to just write books and record podcasts – it is time for polemic: clear, fearless, intellectual confrontation.

The audio version of this presentation is available on Soundcloud, Google PodcastsApple PodcastsSpotify, & Stitcher.

If you missed Part 1 of this series, you can watch it here.

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