Sovereign Nations was honored to have Dr. Jordan B. Peterson address the thesis “Identity Politics & The Marxist Lie of White Privilege” to guests gathered at the Sovereign Nations Conference at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.  Dr. Peterson’s presentation served as a pillar to the overall theme of the conference: Understanding the Causes of Things.

A Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, Dr. Peterson presented the case for taking personal responsibility over blaming others for one’s personal status in life. The accusation of “white privilege” is a fertile fallacy wrapped in the self-righteous robes of “social justice” as it reduces cultural and social issues down to immutable characteristics as opposed to individual decisions and responsibilities.

Dr. Peterson’s thesis centered around that historical revelation that communism was not popularized in the West under the obvious and direct banner of communism. Instead, it came largely under the banner of postmodernism, and aimed to transform the values and beliefs of our societies through its Marxist idea that knowledge and truth are social constructs. Under these false presuppositions, a new wave of skepticism and distrust was applied to philosophy, culture, history, and all beliefs and institutions at the foundations of Western civilization.

The postmodern philosophy “came into vogue” in the 1970s, according to Peterson, “after classic Marxism, especially of the economic type, had been so thoroughly discredited that no one but an absolute reprobate could support it publicly.”

Peterson said it’s not possible to understand our current society without considering the role postmodernism plays within it, “because postmodernism, in many ways—especially as it’s played out politically—is the new skin that the old Marxism now inhabits.”

“Even the French intellectuals had to admit that communism was a bad deal by the end of the 1960s,” he said. From there, the communists played a “sleight of hand game, in some sense,” and rebranded their ideology “under a postmodern guise.”

The Marxist concepts of the “oppressed and the oppressor” continued to manifest themselves in countless ways eventually leading to the coining of the phrase “white privilege” by Peggy McIntosh in the late 1980s.  Eventually, the neo-Marxist concept of “white privilege” evolved into social doctrine within progressive political camps.  Even more concerning is that the fallacy of “white privilege” has found its way in through Reformed Christian circles and into the two largest Protestant denominations in the United States: The Southern Baptist Convention and The Presbyterian Church in America.

Those present at the lecture were charged with the responsibility to learn about the root cause of the current uses of intersectionality to divide our nation and destroy Western civilization.

Peterson’s numerous references to the “previous speaker” allude to Summer Jaeger’s preceding presentation at the Sovereign Nations Conference, ‘Why Feminism Can’t Save You.’ Mrs. Jaeger’s speech also touched on the problems created by intersectionality and identity politics.

Please invest the time to watch this foundationally important presentation by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.

Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

10 Comments to: Jordan B. Peterson: Identity Politics & The Marxist Lie of White Privilege

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    Luis Jovany Gonzalez-Soto

    January 30th, 2018

    Jordan Peterson is a Canadian, not an American. As a consequence, he is ignorant of how white privilege( a new tern coined mainly by leftist liberals, although not new historically) has influenced the odds of many in our present; if your granddaddy was allowed to purchase the best land in the best location, and work wherever you want, invest wherever and whenever you want, then you, the son of that granddaddy will be better off. Well, that has occurred in American history; Blacks were kept from certain profitable areas; thus, affecting our present.
    Some minorities, who thought not being black would exempt them from the obvious disadvantages, could purchase as they want. But, these minorities, such as Asian and Indians found out that, they too, were banned from buying and living and investing in the best of places, and better their chidlren`s future.However, they thought that they could out-smart the system by claiming to be white. But, the supreme court decided they weren`t; thus, excluding them from the obvious benefits of being white, which these other non-black minorities were seeking.

    Here is the link to the case representing an obvious example of white privilege:

    Let me say this very clearly, Peterson should think twice before he makes a generalization about how “white privilege” is made up. Heck, he should read our Supreme court cases before he opens his mouth and try to rally up the dated conservatism movement in America.

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      February 1st, 2018

      Asian Americans, collectively, are doing better than White Americans in pretty much every meaningful metric (wealth, health, education, crime, etc.) in American society at this point. Somehow “White Privilege” hasn’t managed to ‘keep them down’. They can’t pass for white. They have a horrible history of mistreatment, marginalization, etc. by whites. American society is free enough such that competition and merit WILL elevate groups relatively fairly. Asians have proven this. Black America does not get to use the excuse of ‘white privilege’ to explain away it’s collective problems. Their history, and *some* ‘privilege’ are slices of a bigger pie – there’s no denying it outright – but it is used as THE pie, which is actually a detriment to their progress and potential. It culturally hamstrings them, with a resentment toward (supposedly) being trapped in a cage that isn’t actually there.

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        December 3rd, 2020

        You are exactly right.

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      February 2nd, 2018

      Let me say this very clearly. What your saying doesn’t matter if the road you are leading us down is directed to hell. So what if white privilege used to exist? Think from your opponents perspective- is white supremacists. When you say white privilege, they here white supremacy. What they hear is – you are in some way superior, and because of that you need to kow-tow, to surrender your advantage. And they have good reason to interpret your term as interchangeable, if say you are claiming that all white people have privilege and the person hearing your argument is a poor man struggling to make ends meet. To repeat- if you apply W.P to all whiteys, rather then say all people who had a grandfather who was a beneficiary of X law, you will end up not only being racist yourself but actually justifying the supremacist claim.
      Also, You could be right, but why on earth would any white person with an ounce of love for themselves or there family care? What motivates there submission to your point? I seriously would not recommend drawing a line in the sand that divides racially, it has no way of ending well.

      I am saying this as a white person who did not benefit from your law- so am both put down by the racist argument of white privilege and as someone who has no motivation to kow-tow to your idea either.

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      Albert Pike

      February 3rd, 2018


      I’m white, middle class, middle-aged with a college education, I’ll go out on a limb here and speak for ‘whitey.’ You are citing a Supreme Court case that was heard in 1922. That was NINETY SIX YEARS AGO. How in the world do you see that as relevant now? It is as if you really believe that ALL white people belong to some sort of ‘club’ and that any of us can acquire any property, investment or asset simply by virtue of the fact of our race. Let me relieve you of that misconception; we CANNOT. The vast majority of us have to start from nothing, work and compete for what we acquire _just_like_everybody_else. My people were always poor, and it is only in the last two generations that any of us have had the wherewithal to go to college and enter the middle class.

      That has absolutely _no_ bearing on American society in 2018. We’re not going to carry that collective guilt for you buddy. We’re not responsible for what happened one hundred or even fifty years ago. You need to stop looking backwards and start looking at the opportunities that are in front of you. And I promise you – they look just the same as mine.

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      April 7th, 2018

      Luis, with all of the privilege that allegedly gets bestowed upon “white” people (I don’t use the labels, as I think they tell us about as much about a person as their name does) , wouldn’t you expect those who could claim membership in that group, would? How many people do you know of “mixed” ethnicity that could claim membership as a “white” person (i.e. they have European heritage), do? It seems every person I’ve seen interested in identifying themselves as a color (which I see as harmful in itself) who has an option to claim “white” or “black” status, has chosen to identify as “black”. Why is that? If so much privilege comes attached to being “white” – and so much discrimination comes along with being “black” – why would any reasonable person who has a choice choose to be identify as “black”?

      Not that it matters, but I am one of these people who could choose. However, as I find it identities meaningless, I abstain.

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      d.stam stam

      August 6th, 2019

      ‘… he is a Canadian and not an American…’ , what a terrible thing to start your false comments…

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      Jack E Reed

      August 6th, 2019

      Talk about ignorance. How many laws are in place for white people? I can get a guaranteed loan if I’m either a woman, a minority, or a perverted social path of the LGBT community. I cannot get a guaranteed loan if I’m a white male, unless I earn it. The difference between every person in this country is their character. Some people go out and get it…others decide to play victims. That’s the difference…not race. Stop the race bating and help with the healing.

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    Mircea Ionescu

    February 5th, 2018

    If Marx was wrong, why we talk și much about him?

    Also, we have two Word Wars due Marx, or due “white privilege” ?

    Finally I believe that Marx îs already part of our History, global History, and is better to learn, what was good and what was wrong.

    We couldn’t say that the capitalism wasn’t influenced by comunism ?!?!

    More important is the futute!

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    Julia Cryavik

    January 15th, 2019

    White Privilege is part of the Divide and Conquer strategy of Marxists.: Leftism / Marxism was brought to the America’s from Moscow by drunken professors who’d been duped by KGB propaganda into believing that the Soviet / Marxist system was a success. Moscow KGB propaganda agents invited influential people such as intellectuals, university professors and journalists from other countries to the “hospitality” of Moscow, got them drunk, and showed them fake representations of Soviet Marxist “success”. Then these drunks went back home and preached Marxism in schools.
    This is called the Ideological Subversion Process which Yuri Bezmenov warned of. By now even Christian churches have been infiltrated and subverted by Leftist ideological subversion tactics. Please share videos of Yuri Bezmenov, Soviet defector and former KGB, to expose the Marxist lie.

    Teach your children to beware of Marxism.

    “Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains How to Brainwash a Nation (Full Length)” youtube.


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