‘Why Feminism Can’t Save You’ was the controversial topic presented by Mrs. Summer White Jaeger at the first annual Sovereign Nations Conference in Washington DC.

Mrs. Jaeger told of her own personal experience in combating the inconsistency in radicalized feminism and how it is breaking down the fabric of society in western civilization. Mrs. Jaeger as well touched on the problems created of intersectionality and identity politics asking “why is it a critical word to understand?”

‘Why Feminism Can’t Save You’ acted as a well thought out, personal introductory chapter to the weighty thoughts of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson who assumed the stage after Mrs. Jaeger concluded her presentation.

Please enjoy this interesting personal introduction to the issues surrounding radical feminism.

James Manning

4 Comments to: Why Feminism Can’t Save You

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    Pablo Diaz Mellado

    March 31st, 2018

    After listening to this christian justification for privilege and patriarchy, I’ll just suggest Mrs. Summer White Jaeger to read Simone de Beauvoir. She can’t get any credit without mentioning her. Congrats to the alt-right for finding their female support. The second sex (Simone de Beauvoir) literally destroys her proselytism.

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      Robert Court

      October 17th, 2018

      While your general disapproval (and book recommendation) is noted, detailing a specific issue(s) may serve better to further the conversation. (There was so much to engage with in the talk!)

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      March 17th, 2019

      Typiccal, moronic feminazi. Yawn.

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      August 22nd, 2021

      Simone De Beauvoir was a pedophile who fought for the abolition of age of consent laws in France.


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