Dr. James R. White and Ustadh Adnan Rashid

Christian vs. Muslim Debate: Do We Need The Cross For Salvation?

Posted on November 22, 2017, 1:31 pm
6 mins


At the core of the conflict between Christianity and Islam stands the cross.  From the Christian perspective, the very center point of history, the place where the God-man Jesus the Messiah voluntarily gave Himself as the ransom price that brings forgiveness of sins and redemption for all who truly believe in Him.  From the Muslim perspective, a mistake of history, a misunderstanding, leading to excessive veneration of one of God’s prophets, indeed, but only a prophet, the Jewish Messiah.

Christians were teaching the centrality of the cross in the centuries before Muhammad.  But Muhammad taught you could have a right relationship with God without the cross, and without the work of Jesus Christ.

Few topics are more central to the Christian/Muslim divide than this one!  James White and Adnan Rashid have debated many times before, primarily in London, but also in Dublin, Ireland.  Their mutual respect and affection for one another allows them to address, forcefully, yet respectfully, difficult and often emotional topics.  This debate, “Do We Need the Cross for Salvation?” will be a wonderful opportunity for all who hear it to grow in their understanding of this key and central issue.

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Georgia International Convention Center, prior to the G3 Conference


2000 Convention Center Concourse, Atlanta, GA 30336


January 17, 2018 @ 7:00PM


$9.00 (by 12/10/17), $12.00 (after 12/10/17), $15.00 (at the door).


Online registration will close on 1/12/18.


$10.00 per vehicle


Dr. James R. White is the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, a Christian apologetics organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is a professor, having taught Greek, Systematic Theology, and various topics in the field of apologetics. He has authored or contributed to morethantwenty fourbooks, including The King James Only Controversy, The Forgotten Trinity, The Potter’s Freedom, and The God Who Justifies. He is an accomplished debater, having engaged in more than one-hundred forty moderated, public debates around the world with leading proponents of Roman Catholicism, Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Mormonism, as well as critics such as Bart Ehrman, John Dominic Crossan, Marcus Borg, and John Shelby Spong. In recent years James has debated in such locations as Sydney, Australia, as well as mosques in Toronto, London, and South Africa. He is an elder of the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church, has been married to Kelli for morethanthirty twoyears, and has two children, and one grandchild, Clementine.
Ustadh Adnan Rashid is active in dawah and has visited over 30 countries for this purpose. Adnan Rashid has attained a number of ijazas in hadith from reputable hadith authorities. His chains of hadith go back to the Prophet (sllallahu alaihy wa salaam)… via Shah Waliullah Dehlawi as well as Imam Shawkaani. He attained his BA with honors in history from Birkbeck College, University of London.  The Ustadh has taught seerah, tafseer and hadith to hundreds of students through tv and other platforms. He is currently teaching Umdatul Ahkaam in London and intends to finish the tafseer of al-Quran in the coming years. Ustadh Adnan has worked with internationally renowned dawah organisations such as Mercy Mission, iERA and Convivencia. He has lead a number of dawah missions to Africa. He served as Senior Researcher as well as lecturer while working with iERA. He is currently serving as Khateeb in a number of West London mosques, where he regularly delivers khutbahs. The Ustadh takes a keen interest in comparative religion and has debated a number of high profile figures such as Dr James White (Alpha and Omega Ministeries) and Dr Ed Buckner (American Atheists).


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